Tuesday, December 12, 2006



I went to through the Internet addiction test in http://www.netaddiction.com/resources/internet_addiction_test.htm. This website is about a test that you can use to test yourself and if you are already addiction to the internet or not. If you are interested and you want to test yourself, you have to answer 20 questions. To answer these questions you have to choose between 1-5 scales. These scales as shown below:
1 = Rarely.
2 = Occasionally.
3 = Frequently.
4 = Often.
5 = Always.
After you answer these questions, calculate your score and see your result and the advice that will be given to you after the test.

I think this is an interesting test and a good one because there is nobody who doesn’t use the internet. Even if the test is not accurate, it is still a good one. Most people use the internet daily between frequently and often if it is not always. My advice to everyone is to take this test and see if he/she has internet addiction or not.

Thursday, November 16, 2006



Web log Assignment 3

This site http://www.webaward.org/winners_result.asp is talking about colors, how these colors affect our life, work and emotions. The examples that are given in the website are common meanings. Some of the colors have the same meaning. These are some them; for example, bright red, bright pink and fuchsia are hot, sexy, exciting and fun.

In my opinion, I agree with them that the colors affect the view of our work and emotions. Also, I agree with the common meanings. But, there are some common meanings missing, like pink is for a girl and blue is for a boy. The red color can be used as danger or warnings. Also, I believe that the effect of the color depends on the person’s natural and cultural that he lives in. Do you?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Web log Assignment 2

According to the site http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHi32mKjkSo there is a video about a guy who walked a thousand miles! he wants peace. This guy read a book about a woman named Peace Pilgrim. She walked 28,000 miles across US, and she did it alone without anything, just clothes, toothbrush and meals. This woman did this for peace like inner peace, peace between individuals and the biggest thing, war peace. Her speeches affected on many people, and she affected on his life.

In my opinion, peace is wonderful. I mean we need peace; how can anyone live without peace, especially war peace. What the guy did is something usual. Specially, after he had an accident in his car. He was looking for peace; he wanted peace. Then, he read that book about the woman Peace Pilgrim and it affected on him. After that, he began to walk for a peace. I don’t blame him. “God give us peace”.

Friday, October 20, 2006

i am here

i am here

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